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Urban Raga Music School Policies

School Policies

For long term association or to avoid any confusion it always good to know about urban raga policies.

Treat this school as Temple of Learning not Service Provider.

We take fees for maintenance/development of the school and teachers & staffs welfare.

  1. Choose your course depending on the requirement. Currently we are following
    1. KinderMuzik:
    2. Junior / Grade Musician
    3. Music 4 All
    4. Voice / Choir Program
    5. Theory of Music
  2. For existing students who drop out for a term, whatever be the reason, will be permitted to rejoin as a fresh student and their original seat will not be held in reserve for them. Students who rejoin will have to pay the fees again as their previous fees will not be carried forward. 
  3. Classes missed by students due to teacher's non-availability would be compensated for.
  4. New Syllabus/ Term Based course has fixed term music course. Please do not request to change in the as per your convenience. Doesn't matter whether you missed your class or on vacation or any other excuse. Students and teachers are accountable to complete the courses before the term. We will follow start and end date.
  5. Our terms are 

- SEMESTER 1 | Spring

- SEMESTER 2 | Summer

  1. Absentees : Students absent more than month without informing will be out of semester. In case of absenteeism students responsibility to work with teacher, need plan for make up classes with in the period before assessment date.
  2. Students will not allowed to change batches, timing/ schedule, teacher in the middle of semesters.
  3. Re-registration/ Activity Fee: Every students need to pay activity fee and this fund goes towards annual maintenance of equipments (headphone, keyboard etc.), infrastructure development(buying instruments), organising inhouse recitals, master class. and to meet lot of other developmental expenses. 
  4. Quarterly Fee: Students need to pay quarterly fee as per their schedule.
  5. Fees non-refundable:- Incase of discontinuation or irregular classes or in any case fee will not be refunded.
    1. NO ADJUSTMENT OF FEES IF YOU: go on vacation, or miss class/classes due family program or function and schedule holidays as we also liable to close monthly liability JUST LIKE YOU. Student taking off for full month have to pay half month fee.
    2. No class compensation if a student misses a class. 
    3. Classes missed by students due to teacher's non-availability would be made up. 
    4. For your missed classes, Make up class or compensatory class:- We really want to help you and appreciate your interest, you can always plan your missed classes with your teachers help.
    5. Fees paid by the student will not be refunded under any circumstances. 
    6. Late Fee: - Students failing to pay their fees on time will attract an additional late fee charge of Rs. 50/- after 10th of every month. Incase you are out of station and/or have informed the concerned then these charges are not applicable.
  7. For any changes/request related to timing & batches, cancellation, extra classes, performance or exam related request /issues should be discussed with respective TEACHER. 
  8. Incase Teachers leaves or terminated by the institute student will be assigned to another teacher.
  9. Do not compare MUSIC CLASSES WITH MONEY.  As while teaching we do not measure it by money. Some classes we may give more lessons depending on the capability of student. As a teacher, he or she also would be proud to see their student performing and progressing.
  10. The school will remain closed on certain Public Holidays and 5th Week of every month. The fees are inclusive of all holidays on the list. Holiday list is given below. No compensatory classes will be given.
    Republic Day - January 26th, Holi - March, Summer Break -15 days, Independence Day - August 15th 
    Ganesh Chaturthi – September, Navaratri/ Durga Puja – October – (5 days)
    Diwali – October, Christmas - December 25
    Winter Break - 20th December to 5th January (inclusive)
  11. Urban Raga management reserves the right to change the batch of a student according to their advancement level or during the time of examinations. 
  12. Other activities like Workshops/Lectures/Demonstrations/Performances/ Examinations arranged occasionally for the benefit of students will be treated as "classes". Attendance at such "activities" is mandatory and will be counted in lieu of the regular scheduled classes. 
  13. Students should attend classes regularly. If a student stays absent for 4 consecutive classes without informing the staff at Urban Raga, his or her seat may stand cancelled. 
  14. The management reserves the right to terminate the lessons of students at any time, if work, application or discipline is found to be unsatisfactory. 
  15. Admission Test / Screening: We have mechanism to understand students interest and mapping their subject accordingly. Students has to fulfill basic requirement of admission.
  16. Exam (ABRSM, LCM, Trinity) : Students joining after Feb will not be allowed for summer session. Student joins after May will not be allowed for winter session. 
  17. Admission Test will be mandatory to understand the interest of any new admission.
  18. Urban Raga reserves the right to send students for the Royal School of Music/ Trinity, London,  Music Examination under the following conditions: 
    1. A minimum of 80% attendance required. 
    2. Based on the student's performance in the Internal Assessment.
    3. Grade 3 level of exams & above, the student should own a Piano /Touch resp. Keyboard with Pedal for the purpose of regular practice. 
    4. If a student is unprepared for their examination due to poor attendance, insufficient practice or any other reason, Urban Raga can disallow the student from appearing for the examination. This can be decided even after a student has paid their examination fees and the form has been submitted. In this case, there will be no refund of examination fees
  19. Urban Raga allows its piano students to practice on the classroom pianos, subject to the availability of these pianos. This in only during the first quarter (3 months from the date of joining), however, this is not a formal commitment from Urban Raga. 
  20. During music classes, cell phones should be kept on silent mode. Phone calls should be taken outside the classroom. 
  21. Urban Raga is not liable to provide for parking or security of student's vehicle. 
  22. Though Urban Raga will take due care of its students while learning here; it will not be responsible for any accidents. 
  23. Child Safety: To ensure your child’s safety, please be sure to drop off and pick him/her up promptly after lesson/class time. Children are under supervision during their instruction time only. Neither instructors nor administrators are responsible for supervising children outside teaching time.
  24. No XEROX COPIES allowed in class. Students have to buy lesson books/exam books. 
  25. Sexual Harassment. “Urban Raga is pledged to preserving a working environment free from sexual harassment.“ Sexual harassment consists of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or unwanted sexual attention by anyone associated with the organisation, whether male or female.
  26. In all matters, the decision of the Management Committee shall be final and irrevocable. 
  27. DISCONTINUANCE:- Urban Raga Music School reserves the right to dismiss any student for frequent absenteeism, disciplinary reasons, overdue tuition payments and/or non-compliance with school regulations. Students thus dismissed are not entitled to any refund of tuition fees. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Thank You for Choosing "URBAN RAGA"  

Our reputation for offering the best music tuition available is very important to us. If you a re ever less than completely satisfied with the Music class you receive, please contact the school office by email on urbanraga@gmail.com and we will get in touch with you