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Urban Raga Music Studio

Music Recording Studio :- Audio Recording & Music Production, Music Club, Musical Portfolio Creation

Music Recording Studio :- Audio Recording & Music Production, Music Club, Musical Portfolio Creation.

Urban Raga studio has two type of offerings for you

  • Urban Raga Studio club membership.   
  • This is a social club of like minded music lovers & amateur players. Being a member one can participate in weekly music jam activities, take mentoring from experts and create own composition or fine-tune favorite song. and get a chance to play with a group. As part of the membership one can also record 1 composition per month, this can be a solo composition or a group composition.
  • Urban Raga studio one time portfolio creation
    • This is a one time activity. You can audio & video record your composition. Our music experts will help fine-tune your song, they will help you to select a right composition and take your practice. Once ready, you will do a audio and video recording of your song. Urban Raga studio will create a short portfolio of this song and help you publish in the social media. If required you can take Piano, Keyboard Guitar classes, violin, Tabla classes to add value to your musical knowledge at Urban Raga, Bangalore